Pictured left to right: Dan Vardamis (Asst. GM), Jeff Henderson (Asst. GM), Eric Schmidt (General Manager)

Pictured left to right: Dan Vardamis (Asst. GM), Jeff Henderson (Asst. GM), Eric Schmidt (General Manager)

If you love to climb, ski or camp, you probably know Neptune Mountaineering.  The company was founded in 1973 and moved into its current home (633-A South Broadway) at the Table Mesa Shopping Center in 1986.

When founder Gary Neptune first opened Neptune Mountaineering’s doors, he was focused on repairs:  fixing climbing and ski boots, installing edges on wooden skis, and re-shafting ice axes.  Now, it has evolved into a premier destination for people from all over the world who seek adventure.  While people along the front range come in for a boot fit or a piece of gear, others come in from around the world when they are in “the States” to climb and ski.  And Neptune Mountaineering has outfitted folks who are leaving for the adventure of a lifetime, climbing 8000m peaks like Mount Everest.

Being in business for more than four decades, Neptune knew what he was doing all that time ago.  “He created a shop run for enthusiasts by enthusiasts,” Eric Schmidt, Neptune Mountaineering general manager explains.  Schmidt says that is what keeps people coming back, “The selection of gear, knowledge of staff and the history of the shop.”

Yes, the history!  The store is a treasure trove of mountaineering and skiing artifacts dating back to the 1800s.  There is also equipment that was used on historic trips to Mount Everest and the Alps.  The museum hosts tours for students and brings in experts to talk about their adventures. While Neptune sold the shop to Backwoods Retail, Inc. in 2013, the vision of honoring history while supplying great gear and education continues today.

One of the highlights of the year is the not-to-be-missed fall fashion show. But they have other events throughout the year as well.  Click here to see a list of Neptune Mountaineering’s events.  In the meantime, come visit Neptune Mountaineering for your year-round climbing, skiing and camping needs.

Store Details
Outdoor equipment shop supplying gear for skiing, rock climbing & mountaineering since 1973.

633 S Broadway
Boulder, CO 80305

(303) 499-8866