We are excited to announce the Table Mesa Shopping Center renovation is officially underway and it is staying on schedule.  Work on a new parking lot, landscaping and lighting for phase 1 began April 25th.

Phase 1 entails redoing the entire parking lot, sidewalk and landscaping in front of the future Lucky’s Market.

All of our businesses are open during construction so if you have trouble finding parking, look for signs pointing you toward additional spaces. The parking signage was one of the ideas offered by our tenants to make this project easier on everyone, and it was a great solution! For shoppers whose destinations are at or near Table Mesa Hardware or South Side Walnut Café, consider parking behind those stores. It is a quick walk between those two buildings to your destination.

Aside from Phase 1, on May 16th Snarf’s opens its doors at the Table Mesa Shopping Center!  On that same day, you can expect work to begin on the curb outcropping near Snarf’s.  It may take up to 3 months to complete this  project and will use up one parking space near the project. Don’t worry, the public can easily access Snarf’s front door from the shopping center sidewalk.

We sincerely appreciate the support and patience of our tenants and customers as we go through this project at the shopping center.

If you have feedback you would like to share about the renovation, you can do so by filling out the Contact Us page on the website.