Construction at the Table Mesa Shopping center is going strong. The first three phases are showing some big progress! Thank you for your patience during this process. It is all paying off with a fresh look!

In phase two, we are still working on the stairs between Southern Sun and Neptune. Festoon lighting is still being worked on in phase three, the landscaping project is now complete (minus some sod) and the landscapers have moved onto phase four! Compactors were installed in the phase four trash enclosure this week and it should be usable by the week of October 10.

The patios and play area by Snarf’s and Tsing Tao are back on track after a number of delays. That area should be complete next month. Phase six is underway! Concrete work just wrapped up and crews began demolishing the parking lot. This project is expected to take 3-4 weeks. 

As a general parking reminder, please ask your employees to park in spaces farther away from the front of your store. This way you can leave those prime spaces for customers.