Every day, new progress is made at the Table Mesa Shopping Center. With all of the construction work going on in various phases of the project at one time, we really appreciate your patience.

Phases two and three have a few loose ends being tied up. The stairs between Southern Sun and Neptune Mountaineering should open by Friday, Sept. 30. Although at this time we will use temporary treads while we await the steel ones to arrive in a few weeks. Landscaping will happen in this area in a few weeks. The bricks are being laid in the phase three party street area and the new bike parking is now installed in front of Table Mesa Hardware.

Phase four parking is fully open, which is a huge relief to what was a very congested area. Landscaping will begin here once it is complete in phase three. The trash enclosure will take a bit longer to complete, since the colored concrete takes longer to cure and then get everything installed.

After phase four’s parking opened earlier this month, phase five’s area closed and crews began taking apart the parking lot. This section has been moving along quickly. If the weather cooperates, crews will stripe the lot and hopefully open it on Saturday, Oct. 1, nearly a week earlier than we were planning! The new trash enclosure in this area will be ready in a few weeks and the tiered deck at Snarf’s will be under construction until mid-October.

On Monday, Sept. 26, work begins on phase six.  Demolition will begin on the concrete in front of Weaver’s Dive Shop and then moves north towards Snarf’s. Crews will begin work at 4:00 a.m. on Monday so as to lessen the obstruction to customers during business hours. Concrete work in front of each business usually lasts about three days (day one is demo, day two is forming and day three is pouring concrete), these could be shortened to two days, but we are planning on three days.

The parking lot in phase six is expected to be demolished starting Monday, Oct. 3. This will not begin until the phase 5 parking lot project is complete.  Phase six parking will be blocked off for up to four weeks.

Thank you again to our tenants and customers for your patience during this process.