A lot is happening on the construction project at the Table Mesa Shopping Center this month. We appreciate your continued support and understanding with the ongoing project and occasional delays. Here’s an exciting way to look at the project: if Mother Nature cooperates and everything else goes well, we could be more than half-way done with the project by the end of next week!

Here is where each phase stands at this time. Always keep in mind that these projections are subject to change.

Phasing updates

Phase one’s landscaping could wrap up Labor Day week. Then once that is done, phase two landscaping begins. Over in phase three, bricklaying is expected to begin in the party street/alley Labor Day week.

A lot is happening now in phases four and five. In phase four, the large square of the parking lot is expected to open to the public the week of September 12, barring any unforeseen issues. Progress is also being made on the drive lane from Murphy’s to Table Mesa Hardware. We expect it should be complete near the end of that same week.

Then in phase five, concrete demolition finishes up this week near Tsing Tao, and concrete pouring begins. All businesses remain open in this area during the concrete work. Crews are working early at the tenant entrances so as to not disrupt traffic into their businesses later in the day.

If all phases continue to go well, concrete demolition in phase six will begin by Weaver’s Dive and Travel Center the week of September 19th. As the project moves forward, please note landscaping will work its way through the phases from here on out.

Upcoming event

Weaver’s Dive and Travel Center holds its 33rd anniversary event on September 10 and 11.  Because of the work going on at the party street, Weaver’s staff will instead use part of the parking lot from Friday, September 9 through Sunday night September 11. Find out more about the event here.