Outcropping near Snarf’s will get a face lift this summer.

One full month of construction is now complete!  Phase 1 construction began April 25th and it is still on track.  Barring weather delays, Phase 2 construction will begin once the Phase 1 parking lot is completed; which should be the week of June 20th.

Also since our last update, Snarf’s Sandwiches officially opened its new location at the Table Mesa Shopping Center.  The landscape project just outside of Snarf’s will begin at the end of this month.  It may take up to three months to complete.  The sidewalk just outside Snarf’s will be open allowing access to businesses in the area.

We have received questions about improving the flow in the parking areas to slow drivers down and create safer places for customers to walk.  We are keeping customer and tenant safety in mind when it comes to reconstructing the parking areas.  We are narrowing some of the drive aisles to slow cars down and turning the “alley” between the Southside Walnut Café and Table Mesa Hardware into an emergency vehicle and delivery truck access-only lane.  We are adding a pedestrian sidewalk to get from Hanover (behind Lucky’s Market) to the shopping center.  Colored concrete will be used for walkways that cross drive lanes.

King Soopers is not a part of the Table Mesa Shopping Center construction project.  If you would like to know more about the areas that are included and the phases involved, click here.

From time to time you may have questions or feedback about the project. If so, please contact us.