Thank you for continuing to support the Tenants at Table Mesa Shopping Center.  They appreciate your patronage at all times but especially this summer during our improvement project.  We are excited to update you that the construction project at Table Mesa Shopping Center is progressing and by next week at this time, we should be onto Phase 3.

Early next week, crews will prepare and pour asphalt in Phase 2.  As long as the weather cooperates, the crews will stripe the parking area on Thursday.  When that is complete we will open it up and then close down Phase 3 and begin work. 

Phase 3 is on the south side of the shopping center and surrounds Table Mesa Hardware, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, and Boulder’s Natural Animal Hospital.  Click here to see the phasing plan.  Phase 3’s roads and sidewalk work to Hanover Street should take roughly three weeks.  However, the party street is expected to take a bit longer. Don’t forget, customers can always access any business during construction.

Also going on at the shopping center:

  • Phase 1 landscaping is still in progress. It has met a few delays but we are working hard to get it completed. 
  • Construction will start next week on the new trash enclosure in Phase 4. 
  • The tiered patio and play area construction by Snarf’s will restart next week as well. 
  • The stairwells by each side of Southern Sun, trash enclosures, tiered patio/play area by Snarf’s, the party street and landscaping projects will not necessarily coincide with the phasing plan due to length of time or logistics.  Please take note of this during the construction project.