Progress is being made with the Table Mesa Shopping Center’s summer construction.  We appreciate your patience as we get through it together.

Phase three construction is now officially underway, since the striping on the parking area in phase two completed and reopened to the public last week. Phase three is located around the building that houses Table Mesa Hardware, Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, and Boulder’s Natural Animal Hospital.  You can click here to see the phasing plan.

Some concrete work will happen in phase three on Monday, July 25th and Tuesday, July 26th, when crews pour concrete for the sidewalks and curbs.  Wednesday, July 27th and Thursday, July 28th, crews pour concrete in phase two from Tandoori Grill down to the Wells Fargo ATM.  Friday, July 29th workers will pour concrete for the new trash enclosure in phase four.

There are other updates happening in various areas of the shopping center as well:

  • Light poles will be installed in phase one the week of July 25th. Landscaping will come as weather permits
  • Tuesday, July 26th, the alley between Table Mesa Hardware and South Side Walnut Cafe will be demolished. The area is also known as “party street”. When the project is complete, this alley will  be limited to emergency vehicles
  • The patio and playground project near Snarf’s has been delayed a bit
  • Work on the stairwell between Neptune Mountaineering and Southern Sun is estimated to start in three weeks

We have a lot to work on through the next few weeks. If you haven’t been to your favorite Table Mesa shop in a while, just be sure to follow “additional parking” signs as we work to resurface the parking lots. Don’t forget all tenants are open for business during construction!